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  1. Business Bullshit by André Spicer
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However, management double-talk rarely enlightens one about the true state of workplace affairs often governed by a top-heavy bureaucratic apparatus. Despite the widespread stories about the decline of bureaucracy, we have actually experienced an explosion of bureaucracy.

Business Bullshit by André Spicer

Originating from the French Jean Claude Marie Vincent de Gournay , bureau or office actually means a system of government in which most of the important decisions are taken by state officials rather than by elected representatives. It means public administration for a greater good, namely the state. What bureaucracy also does not mean is a self-serving management elite narrowly focused on ROI — return of investment and the real bottom line. With the bullshit business language of organizations and bureaucracy, the harshness of the profit maxim vanishes as Managerialism borrows heavily from democratic institutions and state bureaucracies.

Much of this aids the appearance that lower level administrators are the problem — not those who govern them, i. Very often, the very opposite is the case.

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Set apart from corporate reality, it is not at all surprising to find that many management ideas are cooked up far from the day-to-day realities of a workplace. Generally, management ideas are designed without having much to do with day-to-day workplace realities. Far from workplaces, bullshit business buzz-words have a rather different task.

Often, they are specifically not invented to be reflective of management and work. Instead, they fulfill what ideology sets out to achieve:. Down the line, a global bureaucracy has created a huge number of bullshit jobs, such as PR agents, corporate lawyers, and a supportive cohort of pro-business writers in the corporate press and business schools.

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The central mission of many bullshit managers is to create a vast and apparently unbroken complex of rules and regulations which increasingly infiltrate all of our lives. The bullshit job list also includes CEOs, top managers and business school professors.

Incubators are Bullshit

Perhaps American writer and Pulitzer Prize winner Upton Sinclair hit the nail on the head when noting, it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it! Creating bullshit business and its adjacent language remains the job of upper managers and a vast ring of ideologues surrounding corporations, ranging from lobbying camouflaged as think-tanks to employer associations, to the so-called business press, PR agencies, business school academics, and neoliberal economists.

In workplaces, office workers are managerially controlled, supervised, monitored , watched, assessed and measured by KPIs, the infamous key performance indicators. It is not workers but managers who are responsible for complex sets of rules and regulations. In the corporate world of business, however, these are no longer called rules and regulations — they are now called corporate policies, mission statements, and the like. Such a top-down engineering of corporate bullshit policies, KPIs, mission statements, etc.

Not only do you have to spend your time answering emails, sitting in meetings, and update your LinkedIn page as well as your next performance review, now you also need to spend time trying to optimize the way you process the bullshit that rains down on you from the top.

This puts a double burden onto workers in the form of bullshit time, e. Beyond that, many workers complain about the stratospheric increase of sitting in often rather useless meetings. The sheer endless amount of Dilbert cartoons and internet-transmitted jokes about management meetings tells one as much. Worse, some workers are annually forced into re-applying for their own positions.

Calacanis Is My Sound Bite Hero – “SEO Is Bullshit”

Beyond that, much of this legitimizes upper management as they organize the entire recruitment and selection process from job analysis to position descriptions, advertising the position, creating short-lists, holding job interviews, etc. They are necessary for the acceptability of upper-management, the chain of command, the hierarchies and the controlling rules it has established.

In short, it feeds the behemoth of Managerialism. In any case, you can be cynical about management bullshit all you want in private, but in public you need to pretend you are signing up. Quite often, these are authoritarian workplaces without democracy. Many workers no longer really partake in management bullshit. Instead, they merely simulate. Of course, it is not only ordinary office workers who are drowning in shit, Managerialism or bullshit business has entered universities as well. I'm looking forward to the follow-up, "Academic Bullshit", and its undoubted contribution to the "epistemological discourse".

Stay tuned :. Have a read.

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All of the company euphemisms adopted by your colleagues is actually corporate claptrap. May 14, Antti rated it it was ok. A thin book on hollow talk. Ryan rated it it was amazing Jul 23, AnttiA rated it liked it Oct 15, Jonathan Howe rated it did not like it Jan 22, Don Dealga rated it it was amazing Oct 15, Jakob Feldtfos rated it really liked it Apr 26, Johan rated it it was ok Jun 11, Kaj rated it liked it Jan 05, Olli rated it liked it Jan 14, Laura rated it liked it Mar 14, Ben rated it really liked it May 26, Laura Brentnall rated it liked it Mar 03, Teri rated it it was amazing Jan 09, Gregory rated it really liked it Sep 12, Emilia rated it it was ok Dec 02, Asikainen Kari M rated it liked it Nov 04, Antonis L rated it really liked it Nov 18, Megan rated it really liked it Apr 01, Jonathan Howe rated it it was ok Jan 22, Mate Antunovic rated it really liked it Aug 16, Janne rated it really liked it Aug 11, Jani rated it really liked it Jan 22, Krista rated it really liked it Jul 23, Retraction Watch reports :.

After publication they became aware that the data for cattle manure biochar reported in this article are actually data for rice straw biochar.

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The results, discussion and conclusions are therefore invalid. All authors agree with the retraction. Bearing in mind that :. Can you discern anything? Now consider these statements :. Supplementary material here. See : wisdomofchopra.